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Stunning Drone Aerial and Interior Real Estate

Videography Services in Georgia

This video was created by Wendy Cole and Sam Silverstein. Wendy Cole is editor and managing director of REALTOR® Magazine. Sam Silverstein is a writer-producer for the
National Association of REALTORS® based in Washington. He develops articles and videos for NAR's members and others interested in its activities, statistics and research.
For interior shots we use a Steady Cam with a true Panasonic GH4 camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and an integrated 5.8GHz video link module. This ground handle camera with a 3-axis gimbal is designed to produce remarkably smooth footage even in the most turbulent circumstances.

For our exterior shots we offer a full 360° view of the world!  The 

3-axis anti-vibration CGO3+ gimbal camera captures ultra-stable 4K Ultra High Definition video, vivid 12 megapixel still images and can be rotated through an unlimited, 360° range of motion. The CGO3+ gimbal camera features a high quality glass 98° field of view, wide-angle lens, and offers manual camera settings while in flight.

According to the former National Association of Realtors President Tom Salomone, Drone technology offers a tremendous opportunity for the business of real estate and the broader economy. One day soon, drone aerial photography in real estate listings may be a minimum requirement in many markets.
Today, the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours in online listings. Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet. 

They are also taking shots of homes never before imagined, Like… flying down onto a property from 1,000 feet in the air; highlighting the details of a large, expensive property in dramatic form; then, flying fast 2 feet above a driveway right up to the front door!

According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. Video tours that incorporate drone footage are also a great way to make your property stand out and to attract new listings. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home; however, only 9 percent of agents create listing videos. An Australian real estate group reported seeing a 403 percent increase in traffic for listings that included video as compared to listings without.


Are Drones Worth It?
Some of you might be thinking, “Is it really worth it for me to pay someone to take aerial photos and video of my listing?” Let’s look at some numbers.

Let’s keep things simple and assume the price of the average home you sell is $350,000 (the approximate average as of October 2016), the total commission is 6 percent, your brokerage gets 3 percent, and you end up with 1.5 percent (half of the 3 percent). That’s $5,250 for you per transaction. Let’s also assume you close 11 transactions per year (NAR average for 2015). That’s an annual salary of $57,750.

Now let’s say you begin to incorporate aerial photos and videos into your marketing plan for your listings. If we go off of the statistic that homes sell 68 percent faster when using aerial imagery and that 73 percent of homeowners prefer to list with an agent who uses video, we can be conservative and say that you could attract 50 percent more listings and close 50 percent more deals—pushing the 11 transactions to approximately 17, which would result in an annual income of $89,250 in our scenario, an increase of $31,500.

The average cost of hiring a drone pilot to shoot and edit varies by the size of the property and the area you are in, but the average is about $500. If you use a drone pilot for each of the 17 listings, it will cost you approximately $8,500. That is a net increase of $23,000 per year ($31,500 minus $8,500) from deciding to incorporate drones, a return on investment of 270 percent.

Drone Real Estate Service Features in Georgia:
  • Create more dramatic and compelling images
  • Create more interesting virtual tours
  • Highlight more property features
  • Generate new business
  • Out-market the competition
  • Buyers of multi-million dollar homes often shop online first, so they expect high-quality photography and video in the online listing or they won’t bite
  • It’s hard to argue that in the luxury property market, drone photography has upped the real estate marketing game in a big way.

Drone Service Areas

Alcovy Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Almon Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Apalachee Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Ashland Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Athens Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Atlanta Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Auburn Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Bethlehem Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Between Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Bishop Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Bogart Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Bold Springs Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Bostwick Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Buckhead Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Campton Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Centerville Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Covington Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Dacula Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Good Hope Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Gratis Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Grayson Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Graystone Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Innsbrook West Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Jersey Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Lakeview Estates Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Lawrenceville Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Madison Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Mansfield Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Newborn Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Nicholsville Georgia Drone Aerial Services

North High Shoals Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Oxford Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Russell Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Rutledge Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Social Circle Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Walnut Grove Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Watkinsville Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Winder Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Windsor Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Winterville Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Youth Georgia Drone Aerial Services

Drone Golf Course Aerial Photograpy Service Areas

Alcovy Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Almon Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Apalachee Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Ashland Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Athens Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Atlanta Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Auburn Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Bethlehem Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Between Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Bishop Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Bogart Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Bold Springs Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Bostwick Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Buckhead Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Campton Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Centerville Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Covington Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Dacula Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Good Hope Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Gratis Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Grayson Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Graystone Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Innsbrook West Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Jersey Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Lakeview Estates Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Lawrenceville Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Madison Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Mansfield Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Newborn Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Nicholsville Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

North High Shoals Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Oxford Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Russell Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Rutledge Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Social Circle Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Walnut Grove Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Watkinsville Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Winder Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Windsor Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Winterville Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Youth Georgia Drone Golf Course Services

Drone Real Estate Service Areas

Alcovy Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Almon Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Apalachee Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Ashland Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Athens Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Atlanta Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Auburn Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Bethlehem Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Between Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Bishop Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Bogart Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Bold Springs Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Bostwick Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Buckhead Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Campton Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Centerville Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Covington Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Dacula Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Good Hope Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Gratis Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Grayson Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Graystone Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Innsbrook West Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Jersey Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Lakeview Estates Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Lawrenceville Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Madison Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Mansfield Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Newborn Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Nicholsville Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

North High Shoals Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Oxford Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Russell Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Rutledge Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Social Circle Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Walnut Grove Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Watkinsville Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Winder Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Windsor Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Winterville Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

Youth Georgia Drone Real Estate Services

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