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360 Degree - 4K Ultra HD - Professional Drone Aerial Photography in North High Shoals,GA 

We are your Fully Insured FAA Certified Piloted "Eye" in the Sky in North High Shoals,GA 


Safety is more than just a word with us in North High Shoals,GA ! Click the picture to link to our Safety page to review the extensive measures we take to ensure a safe flight. Also, in the menu bar, be sure to check out our camera specifications page for a complete description of the build-in safety features of our drone!

We adamantly support and are consistently monitoring the ever changing Georgia State Laws applicable to Unmanned Aircraft (drones). Click the picture to link to our Privacy page in North High Shoals,GA depicting the current State of Georgia privacy laws encompassing Unmanned Aircraft flown in Georgia. 

In order to operate as safely as possible in North High Shoals,GA , we have defined and incorporated an operations manual which ensures our employees are trained to the highest standards. Click on the picture to link to our Safety page to review our manual. 

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FAA Certified Pilots
Safety First Policy
Strict Adherence to All
Privacy Laws

While we have many hours of experience flying drones in North High Shoals,GA  and working together onsite with our customers to get the best shots; the real magic is in the editing!  We do all of our editing in house to ensure your edited video(s) will exceed all of your expectations! Click on the picture to be linked to our About Us page for more details. 

While the possibilities for drone video are limitless, we have chosen to specialize in the promotion of golf courses in North High Shoals,GA . It is our belief that golf courses, as compared to the rest of the market segments benefiting from video marketing, will have the greatest return on their investment in video marketing.

Video as a marketing tactic in North High Shoals,GA  is no longer considered "up and coming"...not only is it here, it is here to stay!  Do you know that according to a 2017 HubSpot Marketing Statistics Report (link can be found on our Video Marketing page): including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%? Additionally, 90% of mobile video consumers share videos with others!  Click on the picture to review all the details.

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