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Drone Aerial Photography and Video in Between, GA

Veteran Owned Family Company
  • US Air Force Veteran Owned Christian Based Family Company
  • FAA Certified Pilots
  • Fully Insured
  • Safety First
  • Full Video Production Company
  • Strict Operation Guidelines
Go Drone Video Productions, LLC is a veteran solely owned Christian based family company dedicated to safe and private drone operation in Between, GA.  Our professional team of drone operators, spotters, photographers, video editors and innovators guarantee you will receive the HIGHEST quality 4K Ultra HD aerial video exemplifying and promoting your establishment on time and within budget!   Our goal is to become an industry pioneer and leader in drone aerial photography and video production for both the residential and commercial markets.
Owner Rick Araujo served in the United States Air Force during the early to mid seventies as a Morse Systems operator with a Top Secret Security clearance. Rick is also a certified drone pilot, computer programmer and Internet marketing expert. Utilizing the disciplines he learned while serving and over 40 years of operating remote control cars, planes and gliders as a hobbyist, ensures your project objectives will be achieved safely.  Rick is an avid bowler! He has bowled five sanctioned 300 games and is a life-time inductee in the Bowling Hall of Fame. 
Eric Araujo, graphic designer, Photo Shop expert and video editor.
Paul Araujo, FAA Certified Drone Pilot and Logistics Coordinator
Jennifer Araujo, accounting and finance
FAA Certified Pilot Operators in Between, GA
  1. To be considered for selection as a drone operator, applicants must meet the requirements for and successfully pass a GO DRONE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC administered Drone Operators Course in order to be accepted into the Drone crew.

  2. Operators interacting with Air Traffic Control (ATC) or Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACON) shall have sufficient expertise to perform that task readily. Operators must have an understanding of, and comply with FAA Regulations applicable to the airspace where the drone operates.

  3. An operator's primary duty is the safe and effective operation of the drone in accordance with the manufacturers' approved flight manual, FAA regulations and company policy and procedures. Operators must remain knowledgeable of all FAA regulations; drone manufacturer's flight manual, bulletins, company policies and procedures.

Fully Insured in Between, GA
We carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.
Safety First in Between, GA
  • The ongoing pursuit of an accident free workplace, including no harm to people, no damage to equipment, the environment and property.
  • A culture of open reporting of all safety hazards in which management will not initiate disciplinary action against any personnel who, in good faith, disclose a hazard or safety occurrence due to unintentional conduct.
  • Support for safety training and awareness programs.
  • Conducting regular audits of safety policies, procedures and practices.
  • Monitoring the Drone community to ensure best safety practices are incorporated into the organization.
Full Video Production in Between, GA
We offer drone aerial photography and video for the outside and hand-held photography and video for your inside locations. We provide a turnkey solution from beginning to end including professional film production, music, editing and full video packaging. We have multiple film crews, professional editors, and offer full service and support ensuring we work together to obtain the BEST shots as possible to show off your establishment.
Strict Adherence to Operational Guidelines in Between, GA

Our goal is to promote safe, efficient and lawful operation of the GO DRONE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC unmanned aerial system (UAS). Safety, above all else, is the primary concern in each and every operation, regardless of the nature of the mission.  It shall be the mission of those personnel of GO DRONE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC who are trained in the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), to use this resource to create aerial photography and video for its customers.  It shall be the intent of every UAS operator to make reasonable effort to not invade a person's reasonable expectation of privacy when operating the UAS. When operating the UAS, GO DRONE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC operators shall abide by all FAA Regulations/State of Georgia Drone Regulations for flight and receive the proper authorization, when applicable, prior to any flight.

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