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Drone Aerial Photography Frequently Ask Questions in Georgia in Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions information is courteously supplied by Jonathan Rupprecht - Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Magna Cum Laude, and a Juris Doctor from Florida International University School of Law -
Q: Do you have to have a pilot’s license to fly a drone in Atlanta, GA?
A: It depends. If you are flying recreational purposes according to Part 101, you do NOT need to have a pilot license. If you are flying non-recreational (commercial, etc.), then you would need a pilot certificate.
Q: Do You Have to Have a Pilot License’s to Fly a Drone Commercially in Atlanta, GA?
A: Yes, but it is NOT one of the expensive manned aircraft pilot licenses most people think about. You only need the Part 107 remote pilot certificate to operate your drone commercially or for a government purpose.
Q: Does My Business Have to Obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate to Use Drones in Atlanta, GA?
A: No, only individuals can obtain this certificate. However, businesses can obtain waivers or authorizations and allow their remote pilots to fly under those. There must be a remote pilot in command for each non-recreational flight and they must posses a current remote pilot certificate.
Q: What Happens If I Fly the Drone Commercially Without a Remote Pilot Certificate in Atlanta, GA?
A: You could get fined for each regulation you are violating under Part 107. The FAA has been prosecuting drone operators. The previous fine per violation was $1,100, but it has recently gone up to $1,414 per violation. You could be violating multiple regulations per flight. If you land and then take off again, that is 2x the number of fines since you are breaking the same regulations again on the second flight. Now you understand why Skypan ended up with a $1.9 million aggregate fine. 
Q: Why Is It Called a Remote Pilot Certificate and Not a Drone Pilot License in Atlanta, GA?
A: The term “pilot license” is what is used commonly to describe FAA airmen certificates. The FAA certificates aircraft, mechanics, airmen, remote pilots, etc., they don’t license.  For non-recreational drone operators, the proper term is a remote pilot certificate. These certificates are being issued with a small unmanned aircraft rating which means he could only operate a drone that is under 55 pounds. I foresee the FAA adding ratings onto the remote pilot certificate for certain types of operations such as over 55 pound  operations, night, beyond visual line of sight, etc.
Q: How Can I Obtain the Remote Pilot Certificate in Atlanta, GA?
A: Pass the remote pilot initial knowledge exam, submit the information onto IACRA,  pass the TSA background check, & receive your remote pilot certificate electronically.
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